Custom Belt Buckle

Sterling Overlay Memphis

Brand: MCS

Product Code: 1708


This Memphis buckle has a Sterling Silver Overlay that is fully hand engraved at the base. It has a smooth border in Jewelers Bronze with silver beads on each corner. The lettering, figure, and overlays are in Jewelers Bronze with the exception of the Copper flowers. 

You may customize this buckle with your choice of lettering, figure, and stone color. You can see our standard figures at Molly's Figures. Click on Molly's Specials to see some of our other discounted buckles.

There are additional options with this Sterling Silver Overlay available at no additional cost. We are able to build the buckle with Copper just like the model and lacquer the buckle to preserve the metals or we can leave the Sterling Silver Overlay in its natural state and have the buckle gain its own patina throughout time. If a patina is wanted, the copper material will need to be changed to another material like German Silver or Jewelers Bronze as Copper tends to age a lot faster than other metals would.


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