This striking buckle is built with a silver bead and bronze line edge, plus an inside circle of bronze beads.  As with all of our buckles this is completely hand engraved, not die stamped.  If you want a different logo let us know in the special instructions box. When ordering in Medium size we may remove some of the small flowers with stones in the inner circle for sizing.  Coupons not accepted while we have special pricing on this buckle. 
Black Outer Ring and Bead Edge
Silver buckle with a black outer ring, silver line and bead edge, bronze flowers with stones and florals.  We can add a logo to the lower center.
ACTHA Award Buckle
This buckle is a stock design available for FIRST PLACE in OPEN, PLEASURE and JUNIOR Divisions. These are a medium, 3" x 4" with a black enamel background, engraved letters on banners and that great ACTHA logo.  They feature a gold tone edge, banners and floral pieces, and a great price too!  No discounts or coupons accepted for this item.   All ACTHA Trophy Buckles will only by sold to ACTHA Ride Hosts and members who have won an ACTHA event.  All Ride Hosts and members ordering a Trophy buckle will be verified before the buckle is shipped.  
50% off. This price my not be combined with any other discounts or coupons.  Silver buckle with bronze twisted wire rope edge, ACTHA logo with green enamel, PATH logo with green enameled shamrock and bronze letters. 
$195.00 $97.50
Carriage Driver
Silver buckle with silver bead bronze and copper floral edge, bronze and copper florals, flowers with stones, bronze lettering and copper carriage driver logo. 
ahca American Horsemen Challenge National Finalist
Silver buckle with double rope and inside line with stars and diamonds edge, That great AHCA logo, bronze lettering, florals, flowers with stones.  
Floral 1 Piece Buckle
Silver buckle with silver bead edge, copper floral pieces and bronze flowers with your choice of stones. These are sized according to the width of the belt or strap they will be used on. If you choose to add the tip and keeper they will have matching copper florals, bronze flowers and stones. Overall measurements for our one inch size is: Buckle 2 3/4" x 2 3/4", Tip 1 5/16" x 1 1/16", Keeper 5/8" x 1 1/4".
Norco Horsemens Casino Night
Silver with antiqued bead and berry edge shows off 4 bronze flowers with red stones, custom lettering and card suits with black and red enamel.    
Floral Edge Banner Key Chain
Silver Mini Buckle Key Chain with colored enamel banner through the center, copper floral details, bronze lettering and flowers with colored stones.  The backs of all of our key chains are hand engraved.  These measure 2 x 1.5 inches.  Photos shows two examples.  Each Mini Buckle purchased separately.
Custom Buckle
We will design and build a beautiful custom buckle for you.  Place your order and we will be in touch with you within a few days to start the design process.   You can combine features from many of our designs to create your own.  All of the lettering, logos, floral pieces and up to 6 stones are included.  As you look at our buckle photos you will see different metals, we can build any portion of your buckle in Silver, Copper or Bronze and you have the option to choose each type of metal for each feature on your completely custom buckle.  If you are unsure about all the options you want just pick your size and custom design option and we will help you though the design process. Lettering and any extra engraving or stones can be added to the order before production begins. There is a $50.00 onetime design fee for custom designed buckles.  You will see your custom designed art and have final approval before we begin production.
Floral Edge Enamel Banner buckle
Silver buckle with a combination floral, bead and line edge, bronze lettering, bronze and copper florals.
Money Clip with Rope Edge
Silver money clip with bronze rope edge and lettering.  Add your favorite logo to the front and lettering on the back.  


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