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Discover The Top Hand Sterling Silver Buckle Set, a truly unique half polished half hand engraved buckle set perfect for a 1 inch width belt. Add a second loop for a ranger buckle set now!
The Top Hand Sterling Silver Belt Buckle

The Top Hand Sterling Silver Belt Buckle

Brand: Molly's Custom Silver

Product Code: 30836


The Top Hand! You will feel like a Top Hand with this one. With this combination of fine hand engraving and smooth polished surfaces striped onto this buckle it is unique and will get some comments. This is a Solid Sterling Silver set will fit a 1" belt.

This buckle set includes a Buckle, Loop and Tip that are all hand engraved, front and back. Buckle - 2.3"x2.4" Loop- 1.1" x .7" Tip- .95"x1.2"

Need a second loop for a Ranger Belt? We can add that for 97.50.

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