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Simply Beautiful. The Pendleton Three Piece Buckle Set is a staple buckle for any cowboy. This set features gorgeous filigree on the buckle, loop and tip, decorated with the legendary western golden star. Order now!

Pendleton Custom Three Piece Buckle Set

Brand: Molly's Custom Silver

Product Code: 30934


Simply Beautiful. The Pendleton 3 Piece Buckle Set is a staple buckle for any cowboy or cowgirl. Built with Filigree style German Silver and hand engraved by our craftsmen, you can customize any of our figures to capture the essence of what you do. You can customize the back of this buckle also with a short personal note created in raised bronze letters and hand engraved background. This buckle is custom made-to-order and includes the buckle, loop and tip.  Fits on a 1.5 in width belt. (Belt photographed is 1.4 in)

Buckle size: 3 in x 3 in 

Tip size: 1.5 in x 2.5 in 

Technical Specifications

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