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The Bandit Box Buckle is built for comfort while on the saddle. Also known as a matchbox buckle, this classy and comfortable buckle design is fully customizable for every cowboy out there!

Bandit Box Buckle

Brand: Molly's Custom Silver

Product Code: 7890


The 'Bandit' Box buckle is built for comfort while on the saddle. This buckle is crafted on a rectangular, hand-engraved base and detailed with beautiful Jewelers Bronze scrolls. German Silver beads and flower elements add to the immaculate craftsmanship of this buckle. Top and bottom edges are hand engraved.  Customize with your choice of cubic zirconia, lettering, and figure. Your buckle comes with a beautiful black display box. You can upgrade to a premium wooden display box. 4.0 in x 2.5 in

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