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Embrace the spirit of achievement with our Bucky Graduation Buckle! Personalize this trophy buckle with your choice of lettering, figures or custom logo.
Bucky Bucky Bucky

Bucky Graduation Class Buckle

Brand: Molly's Custom Silver

Product Code: 30232


We are in love with Bucky! This popular buckle features a german silver base wit flowers, a diamond edge and jewelers bronze corners. It has copper scrollwork, with jewelers bronze letters. The figure used on this buckle can be selected as College Texas A&M - 1    This design is not only for Texas A&M, it makes a lovely trophy buckle or a stunning buckle just to wear, with your choice of lettering, color of stones, any of our figures or with your own custom logo! Your Buckle comes with a beautiful black display box. You can upgrade to a premium wooden display box.

You can see our standard figures at Molly's Figures. Click Molly's Specials to see some of our other discounted buckles.

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