Crafted with precision, this silver-plated class belt buckle boasts intricate scrollwork, a silver-plated bead, and jeweler's bronze rope edge. Customize it!
Trevor Graduation Class Buckle Trevor Graduation Class Buckle Trevor Graduation Class Buckle

Trevor Graduation Class Buckle

Brand: Molly's Custom Silver

Product Code: 30234


We are amazed by how astonishing this Trevor Buckle is!  Not to toot our own horn, but this beauty has a silver-plated base, scrollwork and it is framed by a silver-plated bead and jeweler's bronze rope edge. It also features jewelers bronze letters and Texas A & M figure. Choose the color of your enamel banner!  The figure used on this buckle can be selected as College Texas A&M - 3

This design is not only for Texas A&M, it makes a lovely trophy buckle or a stunning buckle just to wear, with your choice of lettering, color of stones, any of our figures or with your own custom logo! Your Buckle comes with a beautiful black display box. You can upgrade to a premium wooden display box.

You can see our standard figures at Molly's Figures. Click Molly's Specials to see some of our other discounted buckles.

Licensed Texas A & M Aggie Buckles

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