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This buckle is a celebration of fearless young riders conquering the rodeo.  Crafted for champions, capture the heart-pounding excitement of Mutton Bustin'.
A mutton bustin belt buckle A mutton bustin belt buckle A mutton bustin belt buckle

Mutton Bustin Champion Belt Buckle (Out of Stock)

Out of Stock

Brand: Molly's Custom Silver

Product Code: 30778


Mutton Busting buckles on-time for your event! This beautiful In-Stock Buckle is available to order as pictured with same-day or next-day shipping! Click here to order the customizable version, with a shipping time of 45-60 days.  This buckle is built on a hand engraved German Silver background and detailed with our signature antique finish and a mutton bustin' 3D figure. 3.5 x 2.5 in

Technical Specifications

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