The Rose Concho adds a touch of Western Beauty to your tack or outfit with our unique rose design in german silver and diverse elegible hardware.
Rose Concho Rose Concho Rose Concho

Rose Concho

Brand: Molly's Custom Silver

Product Code: 50006


This set of 4 Conchos is only $34.70! Our Rose Concho is a shining example of pure elegance in German Silver. Its radiant, high-polish finish allows the meticulously engraved rose and scrolls to stand out on any saddle or western gear. 1.5 inch.

Add to your Molly's Saddle as an option at no cost. Select your choice of hardware, Bridle Loops, Breast Collar Hardware, Chicago Screws, Escutcheon Pin Holes, Wood Screws or our Scarf Slide hardware to accessorize with a wild rag.

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