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Paws and tags: Beautiful hand engraved pet id accesories 

A pet tag is a small, often metal, identification accessory that is attached to a pet's collar. It typically contains essential information about the pet and serves as a means of identification in case the pet gets lost.  They are crafted from quality materials such as german silver and jewelers' bronze and copper, offering a range of options to suit different preferences and needs. Also, they come in diverse designs, from classic shapes like circles, bones, hearts, fish and stars to more unique and customized options. Engraved, bling, reflective, and etched designs provide aesthetic appeal and functionality.  All of these may come with additional accessories such as quick-tag mechanisms, enhancing ease of use and comfort for both pets and owners. We get it – the struggle of finding the perfect blend of durability and personalization for your furry friend. That's why our tags are not just accessories; they're a statement of your pet's unique personality and a guarantee of their safety.  Imagine durable tags that withstand every adventure and still look as good as new. Picture designs that reflect your pet's spirit, making every tag as special as the bond you share. It's important to remember that colors on pet tags can convey specific meanings or highlight important information. For example, a red collar or tag may indicate an allergy, while a blue one could signify a service animal. Our wester custom pet tags come in different sizes to accommodate various pet breeds and preferences, ranging from small and flat (1 inch)  to large and bold (2 inch). For additional and valuable tips, we can suggest having two personalizaed dog tags, allowing for more information to be displayed, such as a backup contact number or an alternative address. While some dogs or cats may initially find wearing tags unfamiliar, they typically adapt quickly, and the importance of the tags for their safety outweighs any initial discomfort. In Molly’s Custom Silver you can personalize tags with custom images and unique engravings with diverse figures and shapes.  Our tags are designed to be durable, with materials that ensure longevity despite the wear and tear of daily activities. Our collection is curated with quality and uniqueness in mind, ensuring your pet stands out in style.  Check our Terms and Conditions for details on our Repair Policy. Ready for a totally personalized vibe? Share our website or give our Customer Service crew a ring at (682) 717-1770 and hop on the ride to custom greatness! Picture this: handmade awesomeness headed your way in just 30-45 days – express delivery, of course. We're all about making it totally you, so every little detail can be your kind of perfect. Let's chat, make it happen, and dial up the cool factor on your personalized game. Hit us up today! 


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