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Graduation Belt Buckles are an embodiment of personalized pride for your academic journey. Showcase your school name, degree earned, and graduation year with these handcrafted treasures, fully customizable to feature exclusive motifs representing your career, department, football affiliation, and specific disciplines. Molly's Custom Silver offers an exclusive selection of designs tailored for Texas A&M University alumni, each buckle crafted to stand as a distinctive testament to your dedication and resilience. With a commitment to enduring quality, these buckles promise to withstand the test of time, seamlessly integrating with your graduation attire—whether worn on a sash, gown, or proudly displayed as a standalone statement piece. At Molly’s Custom Silver, you enjoy complete control over the specifications of your graduation buckle, from its size, shape, and color of stones to the intricate figures, lettering, back engraving, packaging, and finishing touches. Additionally, you can adorn your handmade buckle with any name, initials, academic emblem, institution logo, or image of your choosing. Crafted from a carefully curated selection of premium materials, including sterling silver, german silver, jeweler's bronze, and copper, our buckles range in size from Pee Wee (3.5 inches x 2.5 inches) to extra-large Texas size (6 inches x 5 inches). Choose from various finishes, such as our signature antique finish for a vintage allure, a matted finish, crushed turquoise, or a natural finish. The back of each meticulously hand-engraved buckle features an easy-to-use prong and hole mechanism, ensuring effortless styling with your 1.5-inch western belt. Molly’s commitment to quality is reflected in our lifetime guarantee – every buckle is eligible for free repairs!* From the expansive plains of Texas to the equestrian haven of Norco, from Calgary to the vast landscapes of Australia, Molly’s Custom Silver stands as the trusted Western Brand for your bespoke belt buckle. Customize your buckle effortlessly through our online platform at or connect with our dedicated Buckle Barista Team at (682) 717-1770 to discuss designs and place orders, with no minimum requirement. Express your joy with our unique class belt buckles, each masterfully crafted by a team of over five skilled artisans, each specializing in their craft. Our commitment to providing the best service is an embodiment of "Customer Service with Southern Hospitality." The journey from order placement to the completion of your buckle spans 30-45 days, with in-stock buckles shipping within 1-2 business days. At Molly’s, we foster enduring relationships with our customers, building connections within the rodeo community, and relentlessly striving to deliver the finest buckles at an affordable price.


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