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A horse saddle serves as a bridge between rider and horse, symbolizing partnership and collaboration. Tailored to various styles like English and Western, it evenly distributes the rider's weight, provides attachment points for reins and breastplates, and ensures the horse's back is protected during rides. Feel the raw power beneath you as you settle into our expertly crafted western saddles. Designed for champions, our saddles epitomize strength, durability, and style. Picture yourself thundering through rugged terrain, your trusty saddle ensuring a seamless connection with your horse. Whether you're conquering the barrels or commanding the trails, our saddles will be your steadfast partner, ready to take on any challenge. Elevate your ride, embrace the western spirit, and experience the thrill of true cowboy craftsmanship.


A cowgirl with her horse using a western saddle with floral carving

  Each handcrafted piece is backed by a repair warranty*, ensuring durability and quality that transcends time.

  We offer prompt express delivery. Saddle orders arrive within 45-60 days, with in-stock options delivered even sooner (1-2 days).

  Tailor your saddle exclusively online at mollyscustomsilver.com or by reaching out to our Customer Service Experience at (682) 717-1770

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the parts of a saddle?

The main components include the seat, which provides support for the rider, and the tree, the rigid frame beneath the seat that distributes the rider's weight evenly across the horse's back. Attached to the tree are the stirrups, where the rider's feet rest, and the stirrup leathers, which connect the stirrups to the saddle. The pommel, located at the front of the saddle, and the cantle, at the back, help keep the rider secure in the seat. Other critical parts include the girth, which secures the saddle under the horse's belly, and the billets, straps on either side of the saddle that attach to the girth. Additionally, the panels, situated beneath the saddle, provide cushioning and support along the horse's back. Each part plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable and secure riding experience.

How to measure a horse for a saddle?

To measure a horse for a saddle, start by placing a flexible measuring tape or string around the horse's girth, about four inches behind the front legs. Measure from this point to the highest part of the withers for the seat size. Additionally, measure the length from the withers to the last rib to determine the saddle's length. Finally, assess the horse's build, noting the width of the withers and the curve of the back, to ensure a proper fit.

How to saddle a horse?

To saddle a horse, start by placing the saddle pad or blanket over the horse's back, ensuring it's centered and sits just behind the shoulder blades. Next, lift the saddle onto the horse's back, gently lowering it into place without bumping or startling the horse. Position the saddle so that the front (pommel) sits just behind the horse's withers and the back (cantle) rests evenly. Check that the saddle is centered and sits level on the horse's back. Then, fasten the girth or cinch snugly under the horse's belly, making sure it's tight enough to keep the saddle secure but not too tight to restrict the horse's breathing or movement. Finally, check all straps and buckles to ensure they are properly secured and adjust stirrups to the appropriate length for the rider before mounting the horse.

What saddle does real cowboys use?

Real cowboys typically use western saddles, which are designed for the demands of ranch work and long hours in the saddle. These saddles are characterized by their sturdy construction, featuring a horn for securing ropes during cattle roping, a deep seat for stability, and a high cantle for added support. Western saddles are practical for tasks such as roping, cutting, and general ranch work, making them a popular choice among cowboys for their durability and functionality.

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