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Engraved Sterling Silver Conchos: Classic Western Style for Saddles and Belts

Step into the timeless allure of the Wild West with our exquisite collection of engraved sterling silver conchos, embodying the rugged authenticity and hardworking spirit of cowboy and rodeo culture. Crafted with precision and passion, each concho reflects the enduring craftsmanship of Western artisans, seamlessly blending functionality with style. Whether adorning saddles, belts, or other Western accessories, these intricately engraved conchos add a touch of elegance and authenticity to any ensemble, sculpting silhouettes and enhancing the wearer's presence with a timeless reminder of Western heritage. For the cowboy or cowgirl who values both tradition and sophistication, our  silver conchos are the perfect choice, serving as a testament to the enduring allure of the American frontier. And now, for a limited time only, take advantage of our exclusive sale and elevate your Western wardrobe with our premium conchos.


Engraved Sterling Silver Concho - Conchos Gallery 1

  Each handcrafted piece is backed by a repair warranty*, ensuring durability and quality that transcends time.

  We offer prompt express delivery. Unlimited buckle orders arrive within 45-60 days, with in-stock options delivered even sooner (1-2 days).

  Tailor your buckle exclusively online at mollyscustomsilver.com or by reaching out to our Customer Service Experience at (682) 717-1770

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to clean our conchos?

Keeping your conchos looking their best is easy with these simple cleaning tips. Begin by gently wiping the conchos with a soft, dry cloth to remove any surface dust or debris. For stubborn dirt or grime, dampen the cloth slightly with water and mild soap, then gently wipe the conchos clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as these can damage the finish. Once clean, dry the conchos thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth to prevent water spots or tarnishing. For sterling silver conchos, you can also use a silver polishing cloth to restore shine and remove any tarnish. With regular cleaning and care, your conchos will maintain their beauty and luster for years to come.

How many conchos I need?

The number of conchos you need depends on the size of your project and your personal preferences. Typically, conchos are used in sets, with common configurations including sets of 4, 6, or 8 conchos. For smaller projects like belts or smaller accessories, a set of 4 conchos may suffice. However, for larger projects such as saddles or larger pieces of Western gear, you may want to opt for a larger set of conchos to ensure complete coverage and a balanced aesthetic. Consider the size and layout of your project, as well as any design considerations, when determining the number of conchos you need.

How to choose the correct concho hardware?

When it comes to choosing the right concho hardware, it's all about matching the specifics of your project with your personal taste. Bridle loops are perfect for securing conchos to bridles, offering stability with easy removal. If you're working with breast collars, opt for hardware that blends seamlessly with the collar's width and style. Chicago screws provide versatility for leather belts or accessories, offering both security and adjustability. For a classic touch, escutcheon pin holes are elegant options, ensuring a snug fit on leather items like belts or saddles. When attaching conchos to wooden surfaces, consider wood screws for their secure hold and simple installation. And if you're looking to accessorize with conchos on scarves or wild rags, scarf slide hardware adds a stylish finishing touch that complements their design. Choose the hardware that best suits your project's needs and enhances its overall aesthetic.

How to put conchos on a belt?

To attach conchos to a belt, start by determining their placement and making pilot holes using a leather punch or awl. Then, align the conchos over the holes and secure them using Chicago screws or rivets, tightening them with appropriate tools. Ensure each concho is securely fastened before finishing the belt with leather conditioner for protection. Once completed, your custom belt with conchos adds a unique Western touch to your wardrobe, ready to be proudly worn and admired.

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